What’s the Right Way to Sight In Your Compound Bow

By gvgoods

A very important step when getting your compound bow ready for the season is to sight in your bow. This process is not very difficult but it can take some time. The only tools you will need to do this, besides your bow and arrows, is a target, a set of allen wrenches, and distance markers.

One rule to remember is to move your pins in the direction of your group, for example: sight_in_bow_target

  • If your group is Left of the target move your pin Left
  • If your group is Right of the target move your pin Right
  • If your group is Lower than the target move your pin Down
  • If your group is Higher than the target move your pin Up

Click on the link below to view the steps to sight in your compound bow.

How to Sight in Your Bow

First of all you need to set up a target and some markers, that will mark off distances…

For more helpful tips to sight in your compound bow watch the video below.

How To: Sight in a bow

This video show the basics of sighting in your bow.  Distributed by Tubemogul.

Grand Valley Sporting Goods has a great indoor archery shooting range so you can sight in your compound bow and get helpful tips from their friendly service.

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