Questions on the new license structure? 


The biggest changes you need to be aware of...


-In order to purchase any hunting license, you must first purchase a base license. It costs $11, and also serves as a small game license. 


-You do not need a base license in order to purchase a fishing license, the mentored youth hunt, or apply for limited-license hunts.


-There is no longer a restricted fishing license available; only a $26 annual all-species license, ($11 for seniors).


-Deer and Antlerless licenses are now $20 per resident ($8 for seniors).


-There is no longer a Sportsman's Discount of 15% on 4 or more licenses.


-There is now a Combination Hunt/Fish offered for $76. It includes:

                                       *Base License (small game)

                                       *All Species Fishing License

                                       *Combo Deer (2 Deer Tags)


-ORV licenses are $26.25, but there is also an add-on permit required for state-designated trails which costs an additional $10.


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