Grand Valley Sporting Goods' Leagues

Grand Valley Sporting Goods has 3-D target leagues that start the first week of January and run for 12 weeks. The leagues meet on the same night every week at 6:30pm. There are a total of 16 shots set up, and the shooters run through it twice in one night making a total of 32 shots. Every week the range is set up differently. This versatility gives shooters more experience as they overcome tight shots, sitting shots, elevated shots and tree branches to make it more challenging and realistic. The cost of the league is $120 total; many shooters pay the intial $60 down and  from then on $5 per week. There is also a Traditional league on Friday night set up in similar style to the compound leagues. Since the friday night league is more open, they require no money down and cost $10 every time you attend. For kids, there are two youth leagues offered on Saturday, one at 9:30am and one at 11:30am. This is a great way to get young archers practice while in a fun atmosphere.