There are many arrow brands on the market so it can be hard to know which arrow to pick, but one thing that must be correct about your arrow is how it matches your compound bow. A mismatched arrow can cause the arrow to not fly correctly or even result in dry fire.

There are two parts of an arrow that must match your compound bow:


  1. Arrow Shaft Length-The arrow length should match the compound bow to get the best arrow flight. If the arrow is too short for the bow the arrow might slip off the rest when it is pulled back and hurt the hunter. Also the arrow cannot be too long for the compound bow because then the arrow is too heavy which affects the distance the compound bow is able to shoot.

  2. Spine-This is the stiffness of the shaft. When an arrow is released the thrust of the bow string causes the arrow shaft to bend. The arrow’s spine strength should match the compound bow’s draw weight to get the best accuracy.


Grand Valley Sporting Good can help you match your arrows to your compound bow with their expert staff  so that you are shooting your very best.