"We've always been proud of the bows we design and build. But as we look back at the family of past Bear bows with pride, we know that simply recycling old technology is not what we do. Every year, Bear engineers figure out new ways to make our bows lighter, stronger, faster and even more quiet. But we don't stop there. There are so many variables to consider when creating a better shooting bow. It's more than a numbers game. It's knowing the in's and out's of what a hunter wants. And that's what we're dead set on giving you: a bow that can go toe-to-toe with any bow in it's category – while delivering a far superior shooting experience."


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  • Weight 4.3 LBS.

  • Brace Height 6 3/4"

  • Axle-to-Axle 31"

  • Let Off 80%

  • Draw Weight 45-60 LBS, 55-70 LBS

  • Draw Length Range 23"-30"

The Species is a high-performance single cam system that shoots 320 feet per second. This bow is simple to setup and easy to shoot featuring highly-adjustable peak draw weight ranges from 55-70 lbs. or 45-60 lbs.