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Image by Fredrik Öhlander


There’s a lot to know when it comes to hunting and harvesting game in Michigan. You can download the latest guides and digests from the DNR here, but sometimes you need a human being to talk through the finer points of hunting and fishing. At Grand Valley Sporting Goods, we can answer all your questions on the newest regulations, license structure, bag limits, hunting seasons, and more. There’s always an expert in the shop!

The hunting digest has info on licenses, hunter safety certificates, hunting seasons, bag limits, hunting zones and times, and more. Please be sure to review these guidelines each year to ensure everyone is safe while enjoying the outdoors! If you have questions, our in-shop experts are happy to walk you through Michigan’s guidelines.

Download the fishing guide for license information, details on fish species, updates to fishing regulations, and more. This guide contains everything you need to know about Michigan’s fisheries, and Grand Valley Sporting Goods has all the gear you need!

In most cases, first-time hunters will need to complete a hunter safety certification before buying a hunting license. Hunter education options include traditional classroom instruction, an online course, or a take-home study in addition to a field day. Find more information at the link below.

Before heading out to the woods, make sure your license is up to date and you have the right one for the species you’re targeting. Have questions? We can answer them. You can purchase your hunting license right here in the shop once you’ve completed all education certificate requirements.

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