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Air Rifles, Ammunition, & More

As a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) business, Grand Valley Sporting Goods is equipped to carry air rifles and ammunition and provide transfer firearms services. You’ll also find all the gear and accessories you’ll need in our shop.



Although we do not stock firearms other than air rifles, we do provide transfer firearms services for our customers who purchase guns online. If you order a firearm online from a distributor or online store, you’ll need to first have it shipped to an FFL, such as Grand Valley Sporting Goods, before it can be transferred to you.


  1. Purchase a gun online.

  2. Ship the firearm to our store.

  3. Bring your government-issued photo ID to our shop and fill out your portion of the transfer paperwork.

  4. We’ll fill out our portion of the form and perform the necessary background check.

  5. Once approved, you can take the firearm with you.

Air Rifles


Come peruse our wide selection of air rifles. Air guns are becoming increasingly popular due to cost savings, safety, and limited regulations compared to other types of firearms. Whether you are target shooting or hunting small game, we can help you choose the right air rifle for your needs and skill level. We also carry ammunition for air rifles including BBs and pellets.



In addition to BBs and pellets, our inventory also includes ammunition for other types of firearms. We also carry ear protection, cleaning supplies, and all other accessories needed to operate and maintain a firearm safely.

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